This is short presentation of indie games for Linux platform approaching release date or already released. Similar to lots of indie titles, we have some very stylish and well design games.

Foxy Pick: TRI – Of Friendship and Madness

In the world of the Odd Gods players experience a mind-bending first-person adventure as they discover the magical power of the TRI.

TRI is a 3D puzzle box game where you get to explore by solving puzzles. By creating triangles (you solve puzzles and traverse the landscape with them), adventurers hunt for mystical statues and learn a wide range of abilities such as light reflection, scaling sheer heights and defying gravity! The game is filled with a big variety of very well designed puzzles to be exact. You will have a task such as guessing which levers to pull , constructing bridges out and uncovering hidden passages. With every corridor, TRI challenges gamers to think unconventional and find ways to overcome the impossible obstacles.

Some of the game seatures:

  • freestyle first-person 3D puzzle exploration adventure platformer
  • with braincrafted level-designs
  • build triangles to overcome abysses, reach unknown places, and walk on the walls and the ceiling
  • reflect light rays, dangerous lasers and floating spirit creatures
  • explore the halls and dungeons of TRI, collect hidden idols and solve puzzles
  • experience gravity madness
  • bonus content: artworks, making-of screenshots and audio comment

All the puzzles and exploring are supported by wonderfully stylized graphics and an endearing plot. The game is set in intricate temples whose halls are filled with one of 2014’s finest soundtracks.

TRI: Of Friendship and Madness is available for Windows, Mac and Linux from the dev’s site and on: Steam, GOG, IndieGameStand and


Basement is drug-dealing  strategy games.

The game will be available for to Windows, Mac & Linux. Basement  features a mix of building management and RTS mechanics that creates an experience quite unlike other games in its genre.

In the game, you are a scientist  forced to go underground and do illegal stuff, as nobody wants to support his idea. You build your own enterprise while researching drugs and producing them. You will have to find the right place, build production and storage rooms, hire staff and security personal, avoid FBI agents while building the most effective company. So in

Basement it is all about management.

Production and drug selling is the core of the gameplay. Each level  you have access to a few production facilities – for only one type of ‘drug’. You create drugs by organizing materials and scientists to the proper rooms. The you have to sell them to particular customers.

With the rise of your company, FBI agents become aware of your doings and start with rare inspections. Depending on your behaviour, these inspections may become more frequent .
Find the right balance and develop an optimal strategy to grow your business.


Ziggurat is dungeon-Crawling FPS Fast-paced combat game developed by Milkstone Studios . With multitude of perks, spells and enemies, level ups, Ziggurat is a well made combination of First Person Shooter and Rogue-LITE.

In game you take the role of sorcerer, who enter the labyrinth and face dangerous challenges to prove worthy and become a powerful wizard!

Ziggurat is focused on fast-paced first person shooting, mixed with an old-school vibe. The developers have added dungeon crawling and RPG/Roguelike elements for fun and challenging gameplay, with lots of stuff to discover.

In game you fight powerful bosses, navigate through labyrinth of rooms filled with traps, and treasures… Each beginning of the game is a whole new story!

In Ziggurat your combat skills are the most important asset. Gaining levels and randomly generated content – improves variety and make each turn of the game different.

The game offers simple and direct choices when choosing perks or set speed, health and mana management.


HM SPIFFING is an adventure game with point and click game style, following the adventure of Captain Frank Lee English and his trusted companion, Aled. The game follows their travel through the cosmos in search of planets to claim for a galactic British Empire.

Being all quaint, stunning and actually funny, Her Majesty’s SPIFFING is one sci-fi adventure that simply has to be made and with this being it’s second attempt at Kickstarter it also seems like our final chance to support it.

The game is stunningly funny and Captain Frank Lee English and the HMSS Imperialise look better than ever.

The game will be available for Windows, Mac and Linux. HM SPIFFING is on Kickstarter and a pledge of 12 Britishwill get you a copy on launch day.

Neverending Nightmare

Neverending Nightmares is a stunning game with stylish black and white design with stark red elements. The game aims to set you in depressed and scare environment of the main character. It has combination of moody soundtrack, a nightmarish plot and some well thought out mechanics, this is one beautifully melancholy and disturbing game. It comes from the mind of it creator’s struggle with mental illness.

Neverending Nightmares is unique action-adventure game with elements of survival-horror genre. The game is available for Windows, Mac and Linux on Steam and OUYA.