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Short Overview of This War of Mine with Video and Images

By |October 14th, 2014|

This War of Mine is a survival game in which the player controls a team of civilians in a destroyed town. The game provides an experience of war from a hole new perspective. Your goals is to survive the war with the tools and materials you gather. You will have to take care of each playable character and keep them at their best so they can build tools, gather resources, prepare food, and stay alive. Find some wood and nails and you can make a bed frame. Collecting rainwater is also a vital task. During the day snipers outside stop you from leaving your refuge and that’s why the player controls the civilians within the house. At night, you are given the chance to scavenge close locations and resupply with gear and resources that will help you stay alive.


Some Old Thoughts on Starcraft II

By |October 14th, 2014|

Starcraft 2 was worth the wait. There have been mixed reviews, and honestly I feel the same way. Not everything has improved over the original. The graphics, the story, the persistent unit upgrades, and the endless playability of this game leave it heads above its predecessor. Battlenet 2.0 and the licensing honeslty suck, and you need to have an internet connection to play the game (yes, even the single-player game).


The Witcher (2007)

By |February 13th, 2014|

Dark, mature and full of surprises, this Polish tale of maids and monsters won't fail to enthrall.

Titan Quest

By |October 13th, 2013|

It takes a game like Titan Quest to make you not care very much that Blizzard still hasn't gotten around to making a new Diablo. C'est la vie. Take your time, Blizzard. We're having a great time with Titan Quest. And now we've got the Immortal Throne expansion, which doesn't just add new content after what used to be the final boss. It also gives us an incentive to start over from the beginning.