Mad Max Fury Road Trailer

The world goes mad! Worner Bros had released the new trailer of long awaited Mad Max: Fury Road(a.k.a Mad Max 4) and we have to admit that hi is definitely… You better see for yourself what it is. We have no recent recollection of better illustration of the sentence „a picture is worth a thousand words”.

Before you hit play, the same as the first trailer, make sure the you have put your volume to the max ;)

What a lovely day indeed! What do we say? We don’t have better description from that that was given before: „some next-level, fire-breathing, post-apocalyptic mayhem”. This is the purest form of entertainment. Have we have mentioned before that we hope the film has a quality story and characters, because the action is not sufficient enough. I think we have. But if the movie looks like this, frankly, we do not give a shit. This is some insane stuff!

In addition check out the new poster.

The synopsis:

MAD MAX: FURY ROAD is the fourth movie of Mad Max franchise outlined and directed by Miller. This post-apocalyptic action movie is set in the furthest end of our home world, in a harsh desert environment where human soul is broken, everyone is fighting for last remaining resources and necessities of life.

Within this world of fire and blood exists two rebels on the run who just might be able to restore order… There’s Max (played by TOM HARDY from The Dark Knight Rises), a man of action and a man of few words, who seeks peace of mind following the loss of his wife and child in the aftermath of the chaos. And… Furiosa (played by CHARLIZE THERON from Prometheus), a woman of action and a woman who believes her path to survival may be achieved if she can make it across the desert back to her childhood homeland.