This War of Mine is a survival game in which the player controls a team of civilians in a destroyed town. The game provides an experience of war from a hole new perspective. Your goals is to survive the war with the tools and materials you gather. You will have to take care of each playable character and keep them at their best so they can build tools, gather resources, prepare food, and stay alive. Find some wood and nails and you can make a bed frame. Collecting rainwater is also a vital task. During the day snipers outside stop you from leaving your refuge and that’s why the player controls the civilians within the house. At night, you are given the chance to scavenge close locations and resupply with gear and resources that will help you stay alive.

Make important decisions driven by your conscience. Try to make everybody from your shelter safe or sacrifice some of them to go by hard situations. During war, there are no good or bad decisions; there’s only survival. The sooner you realize that, the better.

This War of Mine is a beautiful game. Alot of work is done on how you move through areas, there are a lot environment items that can help you navigate around: sofa might provide a boost up; occasionally, you come across paintings still intact on the walls, furniture not obliterated. A very realistic game we can say. The fog of war obscures elements that are out of your line of sight.

The game renders in two-dimensional view, with cutaway buildings, gorgeously rendered in monochrome.
11 Bit didn’t arbitrarily make decisions about the played. The game develops studied scenes from Syria, Yugoslavia — devastating moments of war and fight for survival. 11 Bit is also collaborating with US soldier who fought in Fallujah, Iraque.


This War of Mine is about the mechanics of survival – what we are ready to do to help our family, and what price will are ready to play about that? “There are no good or bad decisions, it is all morally grey,” says Miechowski. “You’ll often have to sacrifice someone to save someone. It will create terrible remorse, but this is what people deal with in war.”

The game is inspired by article titled One Year in Hell that follows the city blockaded during the Serbo-Bosnian war. “If there is no water, no power and no pharmacy to get drugs for your sick wife, what do you do? You struggle for it,” explains the senior writer, Pawel Miechowski. “You trade for it, or your steal it because you have to. We did not associate game with any particular city, because when society breaks down it doesn’t really matter if you’re British, Polish or American: we’re all the same species when we’re struggling for food.”

In a way, This War of Mine is like a very, very dark version of The Sims. Your characters has all necessities like – he is tired, depressed, wounded, hungry, and sick. There is element of randomness in the game — both good and bad — game characters are called upon to make things, do work, and go places. The salvage tours are like mini-games: You navigate through the game environment, peep check holes, try to stay hidden, walk silent, and see red waves to tell if there is someone around.

In April the team behind the game presented their work in progress. And soon, they will be ready to show an early beta of the game.

This War of Mine - screenshot

This War of Mine - screenshot

This War of Mine - screenshot 3